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Jet Power Unlimited employs a synaptic approach to serving a wide variety of client needs, in studios, in offices and on the Internet.  Our goal is to help you reach your audience - simply, effectively, with minimum time-to-market and maximum community value.

Below is a listing of our core services:


Video and film:
       Production guidance    Screenwriting    Directing    Onscreen hosting - didactic and creative

Product development:
         Branding (Garfield Electronics' Doctor Click, Feel Finder, Master Beat), Design, Concept Analysis and
                Explication (Fever Drums, U.S. patent #6,291,752)

        Website content and design
        Business model development and projections (The System Design/


Systems Planning, Budgeting, Implementation, Auditing, Administration

Vendor Qualification, Negotiations - Hardware, software, physical layer, etc.

Specification, deployment and support for:
    Data and cashflow management resources
    Accounting systems - Large Enterprise to Home Office
    Document management - Internal and for publication
    Computer-Aided Drafting and Design - Installation and hardware
    DOS- and Windows-based Local Area Networks and standalone systems
    Database-, spreadsheet- and wordprocessor-based administrative and management reports
    Template and macro programming

Individual Tutoring, Training and Staff Supervision

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